About us...

Welcome to the web presence for MET Motoren- und Energietechnik GmbH.

MET GmbH is an independent engineering service and innovation company.

We operate as a technically established problem-solver and offer simulation-supported developments. Our scope of work is based on industrial products and production technologies.

MET GmbH was founded in 1992 as a GmbH (limited company) and is an established mid-sized organization, certified by the DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

Our organization is characterized by its:

  • independence
  • high level of engineering and academic competence in the fields of machine, ship, and aircraft production
  • offshore and maritime technology
  • propulsion, energy and transportation technologies
  • environmental technology
  • diverse and reliable co-operation with both domestic and international companies
  • stable company development

Our corporate philosophy is based on the efficient pairing of our employee's know-how with the detailed knowledge of processes by our clients. We cooperate with our clients to develop cutting-edge and affordable solutions to potentially very complex tasks.

Our strengths lie in the application of the most modern simulation methods (CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics and FEM - Finite Element Method) and the application of experimental methods.

Countless successfully-run projects bear witness to our high standard of knowledge, our vigilance, and our flexibility.

We will cooperatively develop the solutions to your demands. We look forward to you contacting us. Thank you for your time.

MET Motoren- und Energietechnik GmbH

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