We work successfully and creatively in the areas of development and optimization of innovative technologies as well as modern and competitive products.

We use high-performance simulation and calculation tools.

We couple our own know-how with the application of the most advanced methods of simulation such as CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics and FEM - Finite Element Method.

Our customers broad range of industry experience as well as knowledge provides us with the opportunity to find innovative and economical solutions. We combine those advantages with a high standard of quality for our numerous and varied projects.



We provide broad-range know-how and many years of experience in the following aspects of technical systems:

  • system analysis
  • simulation
  • calculations
  • damage analysis

Our work is based in physical and chemical properties, ranging from basic linear functions to complex interactions.


Scope of Work

Our professional expertise is the result of many years of work experience in the fields of research, development, experimentation, production as well as our cooperation on national and international levels. Our scope of work includes all of the following fields:

  • development and construction of environmentally friendly energy and propulsion systems
  • inspections geared towards wear and tear caused by resistance, fatigue, and abrasion
  • analysis and assessment of flow and pressure fields, temperature and concentration gradients
  • thermodynamic and energetic analyses of engines and machine systems
  • analysis of compressible and incompressible flows of fluid dynamics
  • development of both on- and offshore wind technology
  • development of fuel cell technology
  • analysis of filling and solidification processes as well as optimization of casting technologies
  • inspection of fire spread and firefighting processes through the use of high-pressure fog
  • inspection of explosion danger for machines and systems
  • dimensioning and planning of drive train for maritime applications such as ship propulsion or wind turbines
  • design of high-quality carbon fiber parts
  • thermal and kinetic calculations and optimization of curing processes for composite parts.

We are fully capable of developing customized and efficient solutions for concrete and individual tasks as well as reacting quickly and effectively to specialized customer demands.

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