Examples of applications

We offer engineering services for a broad range of branches, including machine, ship and aircraft production; offshore and maritime technology as well as energy and environmental technology. We have a diverse group of domestic as well as international customers.

The application of virtual technologies allows us to demonstrate a high level of customer use through development and optimization of construction components, groups and systems as well as to present customized solutions on the basis of our broad and diverse know-how.

The analysis and calculation of

  • flow and pressure fields
  • temperature and concentration gradients
  • reaction processes in combustion
  • reaction processes in curing of composite materials
  • casting processes of metallic components

as well as the simulation and calculation of

  • structural-mechanical behaviour
  • vibration behaviour
  • static and dynamic behaviour
  • thermal and kinetic behaviour

of varied systems allows us to provide meaningful solutions to many different problems.

We will present selected application examples for tasks dealing with engine technology, ship machine systems, composite materials and wind energy systems.

We work in a goal-oriented manner on research and development projects in order to constantly expand and complement our portfolio of products and engineering services.

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