Root Cause Analysis

Starting from the most comprehensive possible recording of the current situation at the damage location, we carry out the damage analysis in two parallel processes – experimental and computational – after inspection and measurement of the components and determination of the operating data. This enables us to trace the operating and extreme conditions of the damaged component or plant at short notice. The comparison of simulation results with practical findings makes it possible to determine the cause of damage quickly and precisely. A comparison of target and actual conditions supports the evaluation of the results.

Experimental procedure

  • Visual inspection and fracture analysis
  • non-destructive material testing (e.g. magnetic powder, ultrasound, SEM)
  • Destructive material testing (e.g. tensile, compression, bending, vibration test, metallography)
  • Measurements on the running plant to evaluate the operating data

Computational process

  • Stress and deformation calculation
  • Vibration and fatigue calculation
  • Flow analysis
  • Casting simulation
  • Coupling of calculation processes (e.g. temperature – deformation)

We have our own machines and devices for the mechanically often time-consuming uncovering of crack starting areas or defects. For the dismantling of particularly large components (more than 5 Tons) we use the cooperation with competent partners.