Category: Flow simulations

Strömungssimulation der Druckwelle einer Staubexplosion

Flow simulation of the shock wave of a dust explosion

Dust explosions are caused by rapid combustion processes in a cloud of fine dust particles. A high heat release occurs, which can cause the gas to spread explosively. The potential danger of dust explosions exists in all industrial plants and rooms in which dust clouds occur and there is the possibility that the particle-air mixture…
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CFD simulation of the interference of an additional gas component


The Met supports a German-Polish project for NOx reduction of marine diesel engines with CFD simulation.

Fuel cell title

Researching Fuel Cells

During the last 2 years, MET GmbH has developed state-of-the-art simulation tools for the analysis and optimization of the flow field of a gas distribution plate. The developments has taken into consideration the following: the special properties of the gas diffusion layer, the water transport and assembly of membrane pumps for water discharge, energy management…
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Paths of particles simulated with a CFD-Model

Simulation of a hydrocyclone

MET GmbH is supporting the JOWA Germany GmbH in Rostock-Bentwisch with the development of hydrocyclones, which will be used to mechanically separate heterogeneous mixtures of liquid and solids.