2nd Rostock Ship Engine Conference 2019 – Resumee

2nd Rostock Ship Engine Conference 2019 – Resumee

Resumee 2nd Ship Engine Conference 25-26 September 2019, Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock

The 2nd Rostock Ship Engine Conference is history. On 25 and 26 September 2019, we invited experts who are all involved in the development, construction or operation of marine engines and plants to Rostock in the Radisson Blu Hotel for an inspiring exchange of experiences.

The response was very high and exceeded our expectations considerably. An intensive program of interesting lectures (complete list), presentations of various exhibitors in the foyer and animated discussions during the breaks contributed greatly to the success of the event.

The central topic of the plenary lectures and discussions was the firm commitment to the careful handling of our environment. Not the complacency that sea transport is already the most environmentally friendly mode of transport dominated, but the systematic search for new environmentally friendly technologies was the focus of many contributions. The conference participants accepted the challenge of ensuring safe and economical ship operation in the coming years with a further increase in transport volume under the conditions of the lowest possible emissions and intensified the joint development of sustainable solutions. The consistent use of digital technologies and the most advanced methods of information processing was a recurrent theme throughout all contributions. New or further developed propulsion concepts, the development and use of alternative fuels, modern ship design methods, the retrofitting of exhaust gas purification systems, the prevention of noise emissions and material issues were discussed, as was the ongoing digitalisation of shipping, the safety issues derived from this, the creation of so-called digital twins or the development of autonomous ship operation.

Special thanks go to the dedicated and competent team at the Radisson Blu Hotel, who provided exemplary care for the physical well-being of the guests and a pleasant conference atmosphere.