Author: Holm Stückrad

Resumee 2nd Ship Engine Conference 25-26 September 2019, Radisson Blu Hotel Rostock

2nd Rostock Ship Engine Conference 2019 – Resumee

The 2nd Rostock Ship Engine Conference is history. On 25 and 26 September 2019, we invited experts who are all involved in the development, construction or operation of marine engines and plants to Rostock in the Radisson Blu Hotel for an inspiring exchange of experiences. The response was very high and exceeded our expectations considerably.…
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Strömungssimulation der Druckwelle einer Staubexplosion

Flow simulation of the shock wave of a dust explosion

Dust explosions are caused by rapid combustion processes in a cloud of fine dust particles. A high heat release occurs, which can cause the gas to spread explosively. The potential danger of dust explosions exists in all industrial plants and rooms in which dust clouds occur and there is the possibility that the particle-air mixture…
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AIDAprima Title
AIDA Cruises & Partnership Design Title
Marine Propulsors
CFD simulation of the interference of an additional gas component


Calculated strain at max. acceleration title
Paths of particles simulated with a CFD-Model